Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Summary statement

Develops and maintains Information Systems compliant to business and organisation’s needs.


Defines and implements governance and ICT strategy. Determines necessary resources for ICT strategy implementation. Anticipates ICT market evolutions and company business needs. Contributes to the development of the organisation’s strategic plan. Leads or participates in larger change projects.



  • ICT Strategy & implementation
  • ICT Department & budget
  • Project Portfolio
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Information Security Strategy
  • Risk management policy
Main task/s
  • Define the company’s strategy for IT
  • Manage all IS department activity
  • Responsible for the quality and management of customer-supplier relationships
  • Define and ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements
  • Negotiate and implement complex contracts
  • Make recommendations to senior general management
  • Ensure that change management processes are implemented
  • Ensure the reliability, confidentiality, security and integrity of Information System

KPI area

Overall added value, efficiency and effectiveness of the information system

  Dimension 2 Dimension 3
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A.1. IS and Business Strategy Alignment
Proficiency Levels
A.3. Business Plan Development
Proficiency Levels
E.2. Project and Portfolio Management
Proficiency Levels
E.4. Relationship Management
Proficiency Levels
E.9. IS Governance
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