ICT Security Specialist
Summary statement

Ensures the implementation of the organizations security policy.


Proposes and implements necessary security updates. Advises, supports, informs and provides training and security awareness. Takes direct action on all or part of a network or system. Is recognized as the ICT technical security expert by peers.

  • Knowledge or Information base (Security)
  • New technology integration proposal (Security)
  • Risk Management policy
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Information security policy
Main task/s
  • Ensure security and appropriate use of ICT resources
  • Evaluate risks, threats and consequences
  • Provide security training and education
  • Provide technical validation of security tools
  • Contribute to definition of security standards
  • Audit security vulnerability
  • Monitor security developments to ensure data and physical security of the ICT resources 
KPI area

Security measures in place

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E.8. Information Security Management
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