Network Specialist
Summary statement

Ensures the alignment of the network, including telecommunication and/or computer infrastructure to meet the organization’s communication needs.


Manages and operates a networked information system, solving problems and faults to ensure defined service levels. Monitors and improves network performances.

  • Network Solution Documentation
  • Network Solution in Operation
  • Network Solution Specification
  • Solved Incident

Main task/s
  • Ensure that communication performance, recovery, and security needs meet agreed service agreement standards
  • Contribute to define network design policies, philosophies and criteria.
  • Investigate, diagnose and solve network problems
  • Use network management system tools to determine network load and model performance statistics.
  • Maintain awareness of relevant legislation affecting network security
KPI area

Level of Network Services Quality

  Dimension 2 Dimension 3
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B.1. Application Development
Proficiency Levels
B.2. Component Integration
Proficiency Levels
B.4. Solution Deployment
Proficiency Levels
C.4. Problem Management
Proficiency Levels
E.8. Information Security Management
Proficiency Levels