Test Specialist
Summary statement

Designs and performs testing plans.


Contributes to correctness and completeness of a system ensuring that solutions meet technical and user requirements. Contributes in different areas of systems development, testing system functionality, identifying anomalies and diagnosing possible causes.

  • Test Plan 
  • Test Procedure
  • Test Result
  • Integrated Solution
  • Validated Solution
  • Solution Documentation
Main task/s
  • Select and develop integration testing techniques to ensure the system meets requirements.
  • Design and customize integration tests, identify open issues.
  • Develop test plans and procedures for white and black box testing at unit, module, system and integration levels.
  • Establish procedures for result analysis and reporting.
  • Design and implement defect tracking and correction procedures
  • Write test program to assess software quality
  • Develop tools to increase test effectiveness.
KPI area

Consistency of the test plan according to the quality plan of the project

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B.1. Application Development
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B.2. Component Integration
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B.3. Testing
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B.4. Solution Deployment
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C.4. Problem Management
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