Systems Architect
Summary statement

Plans and is accountable for the implementation and integration of software and/ or ICT systems.


Designs, integrates and implements complex ICT solutions from a technical perspective. Ensures, that technical solutions, procedures and models for development are up-to-date and comply with standards. Watches technology development and integrates into new solutions. Acts as a team leader for developers and technical experts.

  • Solution Specification
  • Integrated Solution

  • New technology integration proposal
  • Development process
Main task/s
  • Analyse technology, business and technical requirements
  • Specify and implement complex ICT solutions
  • Lead development and integration of components
  • Lead and/ or conduct system integration
KPI area

Effectiveness and efficiency of solution implementation

  Dimension 2 Dimension 3
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A.5. Architecture Design
Proficiency Levels
A.7. Technology Trend Monitoring
Proficiency Levels
B.2. Component Integration
Proficiency Levels
A.9. Innovating
Proficiency Levels
B.6. Systems Engineering
Proficiency Levels