Project Manager
Summary statement

Manages projects to achieve optimal performance conforming to original specifications.


Defines, implements and manages projects from conception to final delivery. Responsible for achieving optimal results, conforming to standards for quality, safety and sustainability and complying with defined scope, performance, costs, and schedule.

  • Project Plan
  • Validated solution
  • Solution documentation

  • Quality Plan
  • Integrated Solution
Main task/s
  • Organize, coordinate and lead the project team
  • Supervise project progress
  • Coordinate, record and ensure quality compliance
  • Circulate and distribute information from the project owner
  • Implement the new application or service
  • Plan maintenance and user support
  • Ensure specification compliance
  • Comply with budgets and delivery times
  • Update the project according to changing circumstances 
KPI area

Project scope achievement

  Dimension 2 Dimension 3
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A.4. Product/ Service Planning
Proficiency Levels
E.2. Project and Portfolio Management
Proficiency Levels
E.3. Risk Management
Proficiency Levels
E.4. Relationship Management
Proficiency Levels
E.7. Business Change Management
Proficiency Levels