Enterprise Architect
Summary statement

Designs and maintains the Enterprise Architecture


Balances technological opportunities with business (process) requirements. Maintains a holistic view of the organisation’s strategy, processes, information and ICT assets. Links the business mission, strategy and processes to the IT strategy.



  • Enterprise Architecture


  • Business Plan
  • New Technology integration proposal
  • Knowledge or Information Base
  • Business Process Definition
Main task/s
  • Devise business improvement opportunities and create proposals
  • Align IT strategy and planning with the organisation’s business goals
  • Streamline business processes, functions, procedures and workflows and apply a consistent implementation approach
  • Manage stakeholder engagement in the development of new processes and systems and verifies feasibility
  • Conduct post-implementation reviews to evaluate benefits accrued from new processes and systems

KPI area

Quality and consistency of enterprise architecture aligned with business objectives

  Dimension 2 Dimension 3
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A.1. IS and Business Strategy Alignment
Proficiency Levels
A.3. Business Plan Development
Proficiency Levels
A.5. Architecture Design
Proficiency Levels
A.7. Technology Trend Monitoring
Proficiency Levels
E.7. Business Change Management
Proficiency Levels